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  • Hull Insurance
    Marine Hull Insurances for small boats to large vessels.

  • Aircraft Insurance
    We offer a wide range of insurance products and services for Aviation & Aero Space.

  • Fire Insurance
    There is hardly any material object which is not susceptible to fire.

  • Engineering Insurance
    Solarelle provides a range of insurance products and services to meet the requirements of both commercial and corporate business

  • Marine Insurance
    Business today knows no boundaries

  • Physical Assests
    The property to be insured may consist of the physical assets such as Building/Furniture, fixtures & fittings & contents therein

  • Boats and Small crafts
    Cover is available for a wide range of boats & small craft including sailing dinghies & yachts, motor & speed boats, sailboard.

  • All Risks Insurance
    To offer you freedom and flexibility to carry personal items without worry

  • Healthcare Insurance
    We also provide second medical opinion facility free of charge to our customers.

  • Travel Insurance
    Whether you travel for business or pleasure.

  • Motor Insurance
    Find the best Motor Insurance Plan

Why Solarelle Insurance

It's simple, really. Low rates, great customer service, and exceptional financial strength. Whether you need to report a claim, learn more about the claims process or find an auto repair facility, we've got you covered!

Business Insurance

An innovative and flexible product range that caters to the business needs of the corporate world,Plans offer cutting edge financial solutions, business guidance and professional advice on risk management, asset protection and employee welfare.


Personal Insurance

A versatile range of insurance packages that can be customized to meet the ever changing needs of its policy holders, Plans have been specially designed to offer comprehensive or part insurance coverage for individuals, families and personal assets.


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